Pickup wardrobe ikea ashton + assemble in didsbury - Painting & Decorating job in Manchester, Lancashire

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    Painting & Decorating
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    3443 days ago by markeyj
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Job description

Here's the wardrobe. Paid for.


I need someone to collect it and assemble in Didsbury on Friday 17th Oct. Because of bad experiences so far, I need to specify you must be 100% competent taking this on and work must be efficient, flawless and completed in good time with no damage to walls or floor or surroundings and no mess left. I know, this should go without saying but I have had these experiencs with all 3 projects so far. If you can do this,


Feedback for WR Buildings

Having had experience of other builders in the past (one on this site) it was an absolute breath of fresh air to have the services of Wemerson and co. who far exceeded expectation for the job. They were very professional and patient and came up with very helpful and inventive ideas on how to approach the not-so-straight forward problem I had with modifying the newly purchased wardrobe to fit the awkwardly shaped room. They did an excellent job and the finishing touches were perfect (believe me, I am very very fussy) - and they left the place spotless. If most builders were like this, the trade wouldn't have such a bad name. Some builders could do with learning from these guys! Seriously!