Radiator replacement and lead pipe removal - Plumbing job in Sale, Cheshire

Job description

I have 4 radiators that need upgrading, one will need to be relocated and two will need to be shorter in length so there's some pipe work required too. The pipes that connect the ground and first floor radiators are also in an inconvenient place, so I'd like to know if these can be moved. I also have lead pipes running up the sides of 3 chimney breasts so would like to discuss my options around replacing these too.


Feedback for 365 Technical Plant Services

I hired John this summer to replace 6 radiators which included moving a number of them to new locations, as well as removing some old pipes that were no longer in use. John provided sound advice throughout and seemed keen to ensure I had an efficient and effective heating system as well as just getting the job done. John always turned up on time, sourced all materials and delivered the work quickly and to a high standard. He was happy to give general guidance around plumbing and gas work outside of this job and even helped out when my new washing machine was delivered as the installers weren't sure which parts of the machine to connect to which pipes! I'm really pleased with the end result and I have no hesitation recommending John to others