Ground and first floor extension in south manchester - Extensions job in Altrincham, Cheshire

Job description

  • Property extension
  • Customer is ready for the work to start

Customer description

Hi. We have planning approved for a first floor extension (building over an existing ground floor extension) and further small (3m x 4m) single storey extension for our 1930s semi in South Manchester. No kitchens/ bathrooms (other than reconfiguring shower room as a utility). Plus some other building tasks - repointing, ridge tiles and new front door.


Feedback for quick and precise

Not quick and not precise…

Our experience with Quick and Precise has been horrendous from start to finish. We have had no end of issues with:

Delays / no shows
Poor quality of work (and rework) – in particular roofing, carpentry, uneven and noisy floors, plastering
Mess and damage to our property (including extensive water damage through inadequate weather protection)

I have been trying to get Quick and Precise to resolve some of the more significant issues for months, but they have been dismissive and evasive. I currently having to spend in excess of £4000 having a flat roof replaced because just about every element of it was fitted incorrectly, the he rubber has lifted and we have mould and damp.

I would be happy to show any prospective customer the sort of work they can expect to see and provide full details of the issues we have encountered.