Concreate garage demolish and removal - Demolition job in Birmingham, West Midlands

Job description

  • Demolition work
  • Large structure (equivalent to an outbuilding)

Customer description

We are looking to demolish a concreate garage. no asbestos but inside has plasterboard and electric wiring (which is disconnected)

Added 20th March, 2022: ----------------------- Looking to demolish and remove all waste from a concrete garage/ ‘bomb shelter’ (we think roof has Steel bars). The concrete / base and patio will need to be removed and disposed of too. separate quote also required If you are able to level and relay most of lawn (including area where garage is)

Added 4th June, 2022: --------------------- We are now just looking to get the garage, base and surrounding concrete/ slabs up. I’ve just uploaded a few more pictures where I have circled the concrete base/ slabs and tarmac I want removing… we will move the stuff that’s in the way so it will just be removing what’s on the floor. Looking for quotes for demolition and waste removal of the garage (with concrete/ steel roof) and surrounding areas (shown in blue on pictures). If you need to come at see in person please let me know when suits. Thank you


Feedback for Hail Services

Really lovely and very professional guys who did a hard job. We highly recommend Hail Services. Thank you!