Move staircase, take bathroom upstairs - Restoration & Refurbishment job in Watford, Hertfordshire

Job description

Currently our stairs run up the middle of our house in between our two reception rooms. Upstairs they lead off onto 2 large bedrooms but you have to go through one of these to get to the 3rd. Also our bathroom is downstairs, at the end of the kitchen. Note: our house is a flying freehold.
The plan is to move the stairs to the side of the house, create an upstairs landing to access all 3 rooms and cut one of the large bedrooms to make a bathroom. Downstairs, when the bathroom is gone, the kitchen will be bigger. I have sketches
I'd like to give this job to someone who has done something similar.


Feedback for ritcroft construction

We found Dave through this website and although his quote wasnt the lowest, we were impressed because he knew what he was talking about and went to the effort of giving us drawings of how our house could look like. He also put us in touch with an outstanding architect/structural engineer.
Dave signed a contract we wrote up and started work on the agreed time. Him and his 2 workers worked full days at the start and made good progress. He did take on other jobs half way through so our job was delayed even after taking into consideration that we had asked him to do some extras. But on the plus side, he was always available to discuss things. Even if we didnt always agree, I knew he would always answer my phone calls and return messages promptly.
Now that the house is finished, it looks stunning, Dave left no stone unturned and if he found a problem, he would speak to us about rectifying it. His craftmanship is brilliant and that's what's important in the long run.