Front door replacement - Carpentry & Joinery job in Lewisham, South London

Job description

Front door, door-step and airbricks (currently wood I think) under door-step, and door frame (including window above door) to be replaced with solid wood late-victorian style 4-panel front door with glass in top two panels including all locks and fittings. Door frame is (including window above door) approx. 86 cm x 263 cm.

All materials and labour to be included in quote. Although I'd need to okay the style of front door and glass. Glass above door to be simple frosted (opaque) glass.

* The following information was added Monday, 6th October, 2008 :
Simple pine wood fireplace surrounds to be installed X 3 (all downstairs), skirting boards to be adjusted where portions have to be removed for surrounds and everything left ready to paint.

Skirting boards in two small alcoves to be installed to match existing (existing ones were recently installed about a year ago so should be easy to match). Plus very small (4 inch) piece of skirting missing in kitchen and one piece in hallway needs adjusting as it's gone skew.

All materials and labour to be included in quote. Although I'd need to okay the style of pine wood fire surrounds which should be solid wood and unfinished to keep price down.


Feedback for Premier Doors and Locks

Most of job was okay except i had three locks fitted and a new front door and one lock does not fit in hole when trying to lock it and therefore is useless and a waste of money. For some reason this was not checked before he left.

Premier Doors and Locks's reply:

The door was checked and was working when I left and paid in full. I have not had any phone calls to say that there was any problems otherwise I would have returned to rectify any problems!!!!!!!!!