New epdm covering to garage & extension - approx. 52sqm - Roofing (Flat) job in Oxford, Oxfordshire

Job description

  • New flat roof installation
  • EPDM (rubber membrane)
  • Note: Customer is the property owner
  • Garage, extension, or part of the house roof

Customer description

Roofer needed to apply a new EPDM covering to an existing garage and a new adjoining extension roof. Total area approx 52sqm. There are two 1.5m x 1.0m skylights in the extension roof to work around and a smaller skylight in the garage roof. A few other details for gutter and balcony area also.

All structure and boarding will be in place at start. Looking to be ready around mid/late September - please let us know if interested.


Feedback for Just Flat Roof

Daniel and Alex were great. Roof looks great, very polite on site and really helpful in getting the right product for what we wanted. Many thanks