Re fit bathroom suite and skim walls - Bathroom Fitting job in Witham, Essex

Job description


I am looking for my 3 piece suite to be removed and taken away and replaced with a new suite. The suite is to stay in the same place so just a simple swap.

The bathroom is approximately 6.5 ft x 7ft and I also need the walls and ceiling to be skimmed. I will complete the tiling around the bath, toilet and sink so only need the walls skimmed in the other areas. Therefore, it is relatively small area to skim.

When quoting please give an estimate time and whether you are able to work on weekends as both out during the week.

Many Thanks


  • The following information was added Friday, 3rd October, 2008 : Due to the high volume of interest I have decided only to have quotes from local tradesmen that live within 20 miles of Witham. If you live further I will decline your offier of a quote.

Sorry for the inconvienince it is not personal!


Feedback for G & T Property Services

Gareth quoted much cheaper than the other builders and seemed reliable so thats why we choose him. He turned up on time and we were able to trust him to be left alone. The work was completed that we placed on Mybuilder and the overall finish seemed okay at first and we were relatively happy as the price seemed good.

However, when the plaster started to dry and on closer inspection we noticed a lot of flaws. This included the plaster not covering enough of the wall where it met with the tiles as requested, holes and very uneven parts of the wall, corners very messy and not all filled in correctly and at the back of the light switch the artex was left and no attempt to platser. I have had to go over this myself.
The bathroom suite has been fitted fine and he has left a gap for the tiles to slot behind. However, we have a pipe that has been cut and made redudant, which looks ugly and we dont know why it has been left there.
We paid Gareth extra money to box in the shower area and repair the floor. He half completed both jobs. We paid him in full for all the jobs, as he said he would return in the week to complete the work. He did not turn up in the week and the following 2 weeks following we rang on several occassions and left messages. He did not reply to any of these messages and a month has gone by and the work has still not be completed.
It was decided in the end that I would finsih the work as we needed to get on with the tiling. That has meant buying the materials and finsihing a half done job that someone has been paid for. I think we have been more than fair and giving Gareth the chance to either communicate with us or come to finish the work and he has not done so in a MONTH. I have even stalled leaving feedback in case he did come to finsih the work or communicate.
I would not recommened Gareth to anyone and next time will pay someone extra to have a finished job as it has created more work for msyelf which has defeated the object!