Prep paints walls white - Painting & Decorating job in Coventry, West Midlands

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    Painting & Decorating
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    379 days ago by nadia62872
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Job description

  • Interior decoration works
  • Small area to be painted / decorated

Customer description

Looking for somebody based in Coventry who can decorate one small bedroom. I want it Prepped so it’s in good order to paint plain white. I need a quote also I have had my kitchen skimmed at a really good price so I’m looking for somebody that would work with my budget. From experience I know the room should take two days max, I currently have back issues hence why I haven’t done the job myself.

Added 18th August, 2021: ------------------------ Looking for a serious person as I keep getting builders coming around to look but not actually saying they will take the job on, it’s really bizarre. I don’t have time for time wasters I just want to get it done!

Added 18th August, 2021: ------------------------ Just a serious person only please!


Feedback for David

I don’t like to leave negative feedback about people especially if there’s a possibility they could have fallen sick, however I was very disappointed in David, as everything seemed fine at first, as he accepted the job on this site, even came around to look at my mother in laws place, quoted the small bedroom for me, however I also wanted a small kitchen installed which he said he could do, sent him professional sketches for the plans, then never heard from him again! I called a couples times, left voicemails & sent text messages even sent a message on this site, but he went MIA on me. I have seen somebody else on here has experienced the same thing & David has replied “He has a right to decline clients” that’s fine David you do have that right, however you also need to be more courteous and professional in communicating that you no longer want to take on a job instead of having somebody just hanging waiting for you to get back to them it’s not fair. The time I’ve waited for a reply I could have opted for somebody else to do the jobs, all you had to do is respectfully decline via text & I have would understood, & been grateful for the honesty, but the ignoring of my calls and text wasn’t cool. Now if something has happened in your family for example, Or you have taken ill and you’re not able to tend to my requests that’s also a quick message saying I’m sick I cannot do the job or get somebody else to send that message for you. It’s not cool or fair what you did very upsetting