Replace rotting hardwood frame on patio doors - Windows job in Luton, Bedfordshire

Job description

To remove existing set of double patio doors, remove rotting hardwood frame and replace with new hardwood frame and replace double patio doors. How Much? Aperture size is 2.5 metres wide, by 2 metres high.


Feedback for A.R.Timber

I accepted Alan's quote for the job. He contacted me and we agreed a date and time for the work to be carried out. Alan did not turn up at the time he said he would. I rang Alan and he did not answer his phone. I left a message and Alan called me back. He said that he had a problem getting the materials for the job, and he would be with me in a couple of hours. Alan turned up with his colleague. They proceeded to dismantle my patio doors to remove the rotting frame. When they had removed the rotting frame, Alan discovered that he had been given the wrong materials to complete the job. He then went off for about 1.5 hours looking for materials. I phoned Alan to find out if he was coming back, he told me that he was having trouble sourcing the materials, but he would be back as soon as he had the materials. Alan returned to complete the job, which was done to a high standard, I am happy with the job done, I feel that Alan let himself down by not phoning me to let me know what was going on, and by not having the correct materials to complete the job. Whilst on site, and on completion of the job, I asked Alan to quote me for another couple of small jobs. Alan told me he would contact me in acouple of days, Three weeks later I am still waiting for his call.

A.R.Timber's reply:

I did not answer the 1st call as i was driving,but i rang back within mins, pardon me for taking 90mins in an unfamiular area/town trying to find a speacialist merchants,and pardon me for somebody elses cutting mistakes. PETTY