Washing machine waste pipe help - Plumbing job in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire

Job description

  • Install or alter pipework in small area

Customer description

We have recently moved into the house of bodge and the washing machine waste pipe does not function properly. It has no u bend and is too close to the floor to put one in. Consequently the house stinks!! We are looking for someone who can either make good with what is already there (with some modifications obviously) or to install a new waste pipe including drilling through the wall to the drain outside. Having already spent thousands in 3 weeks, we are hoping for a very reasonable price???? That just may be wishful thinking on my part though. Please contact if you think you can help. Would love the job done sooner rather than later. I can't bear the smell any more :-(


Feedback for H.M plumbing and heating services

Came out very quickly after posting the job and fixed the problem the same day. A little pricey but job done within 24 hours of posting - can't ask for more than that.