Repair gate pillar - Bricklaying job in Gateshead, Tyne And Wear

Job description

  • Build pillar

Customer description

Post to front gate leaning over, needs rebuilding, straightening


Feedback for Handymen construction

Poor customer relations. Never kept the customer informed when they were having problems. Promised to do one thing, then lied about it and said they never promised. Changed the building plan without consulting the customer. They left us with all their rubble and bricks they had broken. We had to withhold payment till the job was completed to the best we thought we would get. which was poor. Really surprised you would recommend as a competent tradesmen. At 72 years old I found the whole experience very stressful. I can only add he was hard worker but seemed inexperienced.

Handymen construction's reply:

We agreed for me to remove the pillar and rebuild it. And I have stated that I don’t know how to put the gate back on but you made me put it back on even when I told you I don’t know how to and refused to pay me for the work I said I can do

I came to the job to do one thing and yous kept making me do more considering I didn’t know how to

And you made jokes about the Jewish community you live around so that put me off the job completely when you made racist comments considering I’m coloured myself