Rough quote for work on house purchase, happy to pay - Extensions job in Wood Green, North London

Job description

  • Property extension
  • Customer is considering an extension, looking for advice
  • Note: customer does not own property
  • Customer is a prospective buyer

Customer description

We are considering buying a house that has already had a kitchen extension and loft conversion. But it is still a 3 bed, one bathroom. Before we buy I would like to know whether it could be converted into a 4 bed, 2 bathroom like other buildings on the street. This may require further extension. And if so very approximately what the ballpark figure would be for it.

I am seeking a builder to come to a viewing, so that they can let me know what they think. I would be very willing to pay for the time it takes to come and discuss it, as that's only fair. And of course, if we proceed the person could quote on the job.

The house is located London, N22.

Added 24th June, 2021: ---------------------- The floorplan is attached as a photo.



I used Sam to come to view a house we are considering purchasing, with view to getting his opinion on potential extensions and costs etc. I was extremely happy with his advice. Before coming on site he had done his homework in terms of past planning permission requests on the buildings - some of which were unsuccessful which was invaluable to know. He was able to say what would and wouldn't be possible, and was v happy to consider different ideas. If we go ahead with the purchase I would be glad to get Sam to quote and do any project.