Repair patio, some loose, some missing, old catton - Landscaping job in Norwich, Norfolk

Job description

  • Patio / paving repair

Customer description

Hi, I’m after someone to lift a few slabs in my garden that have come loose so now rock plus concrete between all the slabs on the patio. I also need some Chelsea set blocks laid in a small area (approx 10 blocks) where a plant has been removed between existing blocks. I already have the blocks. Old Catton area


Feedback for Conkers

Check google reviews!

I hired Conkers to carry out works to my property to sort a few issues with my patio. It was uneven and some of the pavers had started to rock due to the sand base layer having washed away over time, causing pointing to crack.

After 3 no-shows, I finally received confirmation of an exact start time (not just day) for whilst I was meant to be on holiday. Having left in the early hours to ensure I was back in time, the team arrived several hours late.

In defense of the staff, they worked solidly and carried out day 1 to an acceptable standard but due to arriving late, they had to continue the following day. This day, they arrived late and work was rushed. After Andrew had stated that the issue with the patio was caused by it being entirely on sand rather than a concrete mix, the blocks that were laid by his guys were put on mud, nothing else and no infill. Within 2 weeks, weeds were growing through and it appears that the mix used for the patio was not carried out correctly as cracks have already started plus moss that was already there was pointed round rather than being cleaned out!

It should have been power hosed as stated by Andrew but never happened.

My drain was also totally blocked by the material. I have had to pay for someone to come remove the drain, lay new and flush, repaint items that weren't moved/covered and someone to chisel & power hose the petrol stains and excess

1 more no show and no response to calls or emails since.

Conkers's reply:

We certainly didn’t start when originally planned as we had been made to isolate by COVID ap. you were fully informed. We didn’t give you, and haven’t given anyone ever, an exact start time, how can I predict traffic etc? that’s nonsense. We did however, collect materials for your site first thing and headed to you. The work was carried out EXACTLY as agreed with you ie flow point was poured onto your existing patio to re-point it. The few block paving blocks we inserted were bedded on sand as block paving should be, pointed with kiln dried sand. Your whole patio was power washed twice, your drain was covered over and not blocked and the residue of the material used was washed off (some of your slabs have concrete on them from activities other than ours). I must also ask about the petrol stains? We didn’t have any petrol equipment on your site at any time only electric.
We never ask for any deposits from our customers and only ask for payment in full after SATISFACTORY completion. You paid your £676.00 invoice and gave my chaps a generous tip.