Bathroom plastering - Plastering job in Edinburgh, Midlothian

Job description

  • Not sure about type of plastering
  • Up to 5 walls / ceilings

Customer description

Looking for my full bathroom to be plastered including ceiling.

Bathroom suite is already in so it will need to be done as it is.

Looking for this to be done ASAP.


Feedback for Edinburgh Plasterworks

Walked off site. Simon visited and quoted for the work. On his return he pointed out that there was more work required which we were surprised to hear as he had previously been to the room, viewed it and quoted - nothing had changed. We had agreed that he would plaster the walls but not the ceiling as that required more work. When we came back home, Simon had left site and we did not hear from him. He put on green silicone sand over paper which now needs to be removed or covered with board. I have contacted Simon but had no reply. Wouldn't recommend. Would have been better if he was honest from the start and asked us to get someone in to remove the paper that was still on the wall.

Edinburgh Plasterworks's reply:

A fine Georgian period property set over three floors - like a palace; and because I refused to do a bodge job, I was given a bad review. Very unfair and I was held to ransom over the review. I will however take the bad review for something I didn’t do over a review for poor workmanship. I refused to compromise my standards and partake in shoddy workmanship as requested and this annoyed the customer who was a bit of a bully. He knew what he was doing and I knew where it was likely leading to. Not a nice person. Sometimes in life though you need to stand firm. Incidentally I never once dealt with Yasmeen on site although she was the job poster - it was her partner that was running the job.