Replace bowl kitchen sink with sink and draining board - Plumbing job in Oakham, Rutland

Job description

  • Fixture installation or replacement
  • Install 1 item
  • Install the following: sink

Customer description

I want to replace my old kitchen sink that is just a square sink (no draining board) with a sink that has a draining board. There are no shut off valves and I cannot locate a stop cock, but I think the water supply is controlled from the street outside the property. The existing sink is earthed to copper pipes, so I'm assuming the new sink would be. I'd like to take the opportunity to install the new sink with hoses with isolating valves - just to make things simpler in the future. Quite a small, simple sink. current bowl is approx 150mm deep below the surface, and the sink is approx 520mm wide and 485mm "high" (height being the length from the front of it where you would stand to the back wall). To the left of the sink is approx 630mm of space to play with to allow for a draining board, so my best guess would be a sink & draining board that is 1000mm wide in total. I don't want a rinser bowl, just simple classic stainless steel sink and draining board please. Tap is a monobloc, which also wants replacing. Under where the draining board would go is a washing machine. To the right of the sink is a dishwasher. On the left hand wall next to all of this is my combination boiler.


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Job done exactly as we discussed and cost was as quoted. And the clean up was great too. Arrived on time both days. Great service. Thanks!