Elevation plans standard rear conservatory - CAD/Drawings job in Gateshead, Tyne And Wear

Job description

  • Extension: Basic outline plans (for quotes and planning application)

Customer description

Elevation plans for Conservatory Building a basic standard conservatory on the rear of detached house. Extends out 6m by 3m wide. I have site plans done and submitted with application for larger home ext, but planning dept would like elevation plans. It is a standard rectangle conservatory. 6m long high brick wall to the neighbour (east) side. Standard conservatory windows on top of 600mm dwarf wall to south side which is 3m wide. West side is facing in towards the garden 6m length 600mm dwarf wall, double 1800 doors in the middle opening outwards, rest is standard conservatory windows. North side will be attached to the house by the present external grade pvc double doors. Will be standard build, brick and rosewood conservatory window frames to match existing house. Existing house length is 8m wide (east to west/side to side) x 9.6m length (north to south/gront to back) There is no alterations to any pipes, or other aspects of the current house.. Not sure what other details are needed for the drawings. Council has confirmed that it is just the elevation plans they need and nothing more.


Feedback for Sterling Kitchens Ltd

Excellent service and quick communication. Asked for elevation plans to accompany planning application. Was very quickly dealt with, plans are great and have been accepted by the planning dept with no issues at all.
Very happy. Highly recommended.
Many thanks.