Trimming / balancing a big pine with a tpo - Tree Surgery job in Newark, Nottinghamshire

Job description

Large Scots Pine with a TPO on it. (Newark and Sherwood Council, Nottinghamshire. The tree is leaning over towards the garden / house, and one root is lifting up the tarmac in the driveway. Need some (2 or 3) large side branches / crown removed on the downward sloping / garden side to relieve upward pressure on the root. As well as the cutting, I would like the TPO permission applied for to include an arboriculturist's report (about the tree) and a structural engineer's / surveyor's report about the driveway and how much of the house / roof / village would be be obliterated. :) We can discuss recommendations for the surveyor and co-ordinating the reports when initially meeting.


Feedback for JD Forestry Limited

Around May 2021 I started this project (get permission to prune a tree with a Tree Protection Order on it: prune it) A representative from the firm visited at the time to look at the tree and give a quote.

Now November, and I do not wish to take this forward with this contractor as emails and reminders are going unanswered and there has been no progress at all.