Side extension - CAD/Drawings job in Oldham, Lancashire

Job description

  • Extension: Basic outline plans (for quotes and planning application)

Customer description

I would like to extend on the side of semi- detached house. Its going to be 4.5ft wide and 8 meters long space, and I want to build a bathroom with shower (at the front side) and a store for the kitchen towards the back side.


Feedback for Vikas Pai and Associates Ltd.

******** Fraudster - Be Aware **********
I have never written any reviews in the past about anything, but here I am compelled to inform others to be aware of this fraudster. This guy is a fraudster, he will give you a cheap quote, get you into a contract by taking advance money. Later on, either just before starting or in the middle would start demanding to increase the quoted & agreed price. For myself, he signed a contract at £8K and then a few days before starting the actual work has started demanding to pay £15K for a small side extension.

- Never Give any Advance Money
- If you have been defrauded by this person, make sure you raise this with your bank to charge back the money you have paid.
- Make sure you report the issue to Trading Standards via Citizen Advice and start a legal process to get your money back