Broken oven - Electrical job in Catford, South London

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Feedback for Sparky Electrical Service

job was completed but not on the time frame originally stated and was very expensive. No receipt was shown to validate the price of the part. However more shocking than this was the abusive texts that followed about a payment query. Leonard was unprofessional and rude. Do not use this person.

Sparky Electrical Service's reply:

Another strange one thank God it's not every day
Job completed with out any delays considering the part needed i.e. oven element.
Oven in a filthy condition with grease, oil and stains and all sorts
New element was installed.Client had problem with price of element claiming to have seen one on EBay for less. Explained to client eBay isn’t practical for tradesmen. client agreed.
Client put some sort of stop on the chq, no reason given
Cashier phones her to get authorization for £85 chq. LOL.
MSG to client.
Notice of this arrangement would of been appreciated as you called us the works been done its only fair were paid.