Plumber - Plumbing job in Walthamstow, East London

Job description

My radiators have packed-up and so would like if you could come out and have give quote? The boiler (combi) seems to be fine but rads, I suspect, have a load of gunk build up over time and are now almost not working. Unfortunately it’s a closed system. I also have an oven that needs to be reconnected.


Feedback for James Plumbing And Heating Services Ltd.

I would highly recommend James to family and neighbours. He was very pleasant to work with, punctual and knew his stuff. He did a very good job and got the work done with little fuss. He was also competitively priced (£450 cheaper than any other quotes I received).

Description of Work:
Fitted new ‘A-rated’ Valiant combi-boiler.
Chemical and cold flushed radiators to clear gunk out of the pipes and radiators.
Fitted quality Valiant room thermostat and timer.
Fitted magnetic cleaner that picks-up any rust in the system (can save you getting a chemical flush in the future). You can do this yourself, it’s very easy.
Installed new flue.

he also, suggested I apply for ‘Boiler Scrappage Scheme’ from the Energy Saving Trust which saved me £400, which was very appreciated indeed!

He obviously took pride and pleasure in what he was doing and is working hard to build up his business.

Top bloke.