Bath fit (mybuilder plus - £0 shortlist fee) - Plumbing job in Rochdale, Lancashire

Job description

  • Install 2 to 3 items
  • Replace the following: bath and Shower Feed

Customer description

Attention - Bathroom Fitter Wanted!

This job has been posted by MyBuilder Plus on behalf of the homeowner. A shortlist fee will not be charged.

There are issues with the current installation of the bath, frame and shower feed. It is likely that this will need to be adjusted, or potentially removed and re-installed correctly, to rectify the issues.

The details of the job are:

Install new bath - 1st fix bath (including waste, hot & cold feed) - 2nd fix bath (connect waste & cold feed) - Install taps - Connect to existing pipework - Finish with silicone

Additional Work - 1st fix shower feed - Make a frame for the bath panel - Install a 3”x2” frame for the bath panel - Enclose framework with plywood

To be assessed and discussed prior to job starting.


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