Repair/replace water-damaged laminate flooring - Hard Flooring job in Glasgow, Lanarkshire

Job description

I have a problem with the existing laminate flooring in my kitchen. There was water leaking from the washing machine which wasn't mopped up so had time to soak into the floor. The laminate is now bending upwards and needs repaired/replaced. Underlying floorboards might need a little time to dry out too. Not sure if it is possible to just remove the affected part and replace that and given the size of the kitchen (2.76m x 3.15m approximately) it might be better to get the lot replaced. However, the damage seems confined to areas that are accessible (not stretching to built-in kitchen cupboards), so it might be easier to replace only in affected areas. I would need to get the old flooring removed and new one fitted and am looking for someone who could supply materials as well. I am the property owner and the flat is rented out. I am actively looking to hire a tradesman.


Feedback for GK Builders

Great job, would hire them again. Thank you!