Roof finishing,kitchen/bath fit,board/plaster. - Restoration & Refurbishment job in Sunderland, Tyne And Wear

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Feedback for redf

Take caution when you consider hiring this builder, I wish I did!

They caused more than £600 worth of damage to our new kitchen and left most of the jobs with a very poor finish.

After we threw almost £10,500 at them, we now have to fork out between £1,500 and £ 2,000 to put the place straight.

Just some examples:
- most of the tiling (grouting) is unfinished
- more than £600 worth of damage to kitchen worktops, door, draws and units(cupboards don't even hang level)
- several holes in various walls
- the bath is not fitted/secured properly
- the top of the extractor fan in the kitchen is not secured, so when you turn it on, the aluminium top blows off into your face
- heated towel holder is not at a straight angle
- shower holder is not fitted
- none of the pipes in the bathrooms are boxed in
- they fitted a carpet just to leave it like a big rug, unsecured, but with 3 huge holes in the middle of it, but sorry I forgot, they secured it with some masking tape by the door
- some of the skirting boards are too short, others are too long and fitted behind (!) door frames, so that these door frames now stick out
- we never received any paperwork regarding the electrical work or the boiler check carried out

This list actually continues, but I am getting too stressed.
For a result like this I might as well have done it myself.

The Trading Standards Authority are now dealing with them.

A number of times I have been trying to contact them to give them the chance to sort out the mess they've caused. I phoned and I eventually contacted them in writing - no joy. They actually had the cheak to put the phone down on me in the end.

I cannot recommend this builder at all, it was just a case of grabbing the customer's cash and then leaving the customer to sort out the mess themselves.