Mini project - Restoration & Refurbishment job in Birmingham, West Midlands

Job description

Two bedroom house in need of decorating.

Boxroom: Wardrobe built in to recess. Plastering coving and skirting board.

Hallway/Staircase: Plastering at top of stairs with coving. Staircase coving and staircase skirting sanded and painted.(Staircase walls need to be painted) Lower winder staircase in need of repairing. Under stair case to be plaster boarded/plastered and painted.

Lounge: Ceiling to be plastered and coving. One wall needs restoring as previous plastering is uneven and has been plastered over on paint.

Central heating pipes need to be neatly boxed in and plastered. Shelving unit to be installed on one wall and new casing box around gas meter and piping.

One wall to be wallpapered.

Porch: Skirting board and plastering. External needs to be sealed from damp and water as this leaks through when heavy rain.

Preference will be given to viewers as this will require someone to look at work to be carried out to quote fairly.


Feedback for Clark Property Services (C.P.S)

Overall it wasn't a positive experience at all.

The job was supposed to take 8 days, and in the end took 13 days. Paul fractured his wrist on the 12th day so was unable to work, which was fair enough but the job had already over-run by 4 days at this point. The standard of work was starting to slip at this point,
We had the outstanding balance to pay (we'd already paid £1000 as the work had been progressing) - instead of a balance of £810 it had shot up to an outstanding £1740. The items listed as additional work had already been in our original quote and also were for items that had not even been completed, and we were told that they had mislaid our original quote. We were told the additional work we'd had carried out was the reason for the job over-running. In fact the only additional work we had carried out was 1 wall to be plastered and a 7ft x 3ft area on our landing having ply put down to cover the floorboards.

The worst part was being left without any lights upstairs for a week and a day. The electricians were supposed to fit 2 new lights as part of our original quote, Paul didn't mention this to them despite me reminding him and pointing out the lights sitting out. Instead of getting them back in we spent an evening with no power in the house at all whilst a decorator tried to fix it - he didn't manage it then told us he'd be back the following evening to sort - we called when he didn't turn up - mobile was off. On the same Friday night Paul turned up for a further £500 (as part of the outstanding balance) we advised him of this and he said that nothing could be done until the Monday. Monday arrived and Paul turned up with a man who fixed our radiators back on the wall who also attempted to fix the electrics (don't believe he was an electrician). He didn't manage it and then we were told that they couldn't get the electrician who'd completed the original work out the same day as he was on another job but that he could come in at 11am the next day. Tuesday came and we were told that he couldn't make it until the Wednesday at half 7. The electrician came round on the Wednesday night and said he'd have to come back on the Friday.

We also had some wallpaper putting up which looks great besides the white powdery patch, which we were told by the decorator would fade/disappear. 5 weeks on and it is still there.

All in all a pretty bad experience which is a shame as some of the work we had done was good - will obviously not be recommending.

Clark Property Services (C.P.S)'s reply:

The client, changed his mind and added jobs on as the work progressed.The client was without a light in the bedroom for one night, not a week or more. The trade know, electricians cannot be summonsed at the drop of a hat. Pauls broken wrist caused some administration problems, all of which were acknowledged and an apology was given.The Client recieved a discount.