Damp proof and replace internal plaster - Damp Proofing job in Croydon, Surrey

Job description

Although we have just had the exterior of the house painted, in the recent heavy rains I have had a lot of moisture penetrating through to two areas on my inside walls.

The builder who did the exterior walls has had a look, but he says it would be almost impossible to trace the inlet source from outside. Unfortunately, although the exterior should really have been rendered, we could only afford a paint job.

As the problem is only occurring in two separate areas in my flat, the builder suggested that I tackle the job from the inside, by having the plaster removed, the walls damp proofed then replastered.

Please see the photos attached, which show the problem in my bathroom. You will see from the pictures that the area in question is simply the wall around my bathroom window, which is approximately 3 1/2 feet across. There is another area in the bedroom which is a similar size.


Feedback for Pointing & Brickwork

Sean has solved what was a very persistent damp (or so I thought) problem for me. He also did this for a very reasonable price, coming out on a very cold day.
When he came to view the job, he suggested that the issue might not simply be rain penetrating the new paintwork, to the interior (the wall is only single skin but it's a very thick wall, and given the level of water that was getting in, it simply didn't make sense for it to be coming directly through the wall). Sean suggested it might be gaps around the windows.
When Sean actually got up to have a look, his suspicisions were confirmed. The problem was being caused by rotten wood on the window sub frames (I have double glazing, but set into the original outer sub frames). He sealed and painted around the sub frames, and even took some photos for me.
To sum up, he could have suggested an expensive interior re-plaster job, but he didn't; I would recommend Sean without any hesitation.