Extension + redo kitchen and bathroom - Extensions job in Dartford, Kent

Job description

We would like an extension built, which will be a kitchen and dining area. We already have planning permission for a conservatory, which we did not build and believe it will not be a problem to get the extension permission.

This will include making our current kitchen into a bedroom for our newborn son and moving all cabinets into the new kitchen. We will also need the floor redone (laminate) and the walls redone for decorating.

* The following information was added Sunday, 7th September, 2008 :
I already have someone to do the kitchen and bathroom. However, I still need the extension done.



Avoid Bush/JFP Builders of Brentwood, Essex aka John F. Pearson and George Bush! Hired for an extension - They left our place in a state that will now cost a further £5-6000 to rectify. Why? They had a fight with the building inspector because they were caught trying to contravene the building regulations. A builder has confirmed the inspector's findings.

They broke into our back garden and will not return our keys. The workmanship was poor and John kept pressuring for more money although we had staged payments set up. They did not always show up and when they did come, only worked half the day. After nearly 2 months all we are left with is a shell, no flooring and an incomplete roof that still has gaps to the outside. My fiance, our 7 month old son, our dog and myself are confined to our bedroom as we cannot use the living room. They left a huge pile of rubbish in our front garden and sand in the public car park in front of our house for 2 weeks. My fiance had to move it this week.