Skim job - Plastering job in Ipswich, Suffolk

Job description

  • Skim
  • Up to 5 walls / ceilings

Customer description

Double bedroom 4x3m need skimming, inclusive of ceiling. Would like the work booked for 11 January 2021.


Feedback for T.J PLASTERING

Professional, polite and punctual from start to finish. I initially requested that Terry start at 8.45, due to me being a lone parent and having to do the school run, 2 young children, rushing around the house early morning, (baths, breakfast etc) so an early start was just not feasible nor possible. 99.9% of plasterers will point blank tell you 'no', and be very dismissive. This isn't to say they don't do a good job, but due to the plaster setting time, they will point blank refuse. It's taken me the best part of a year to find someone to accommodate this.

Terry didn't even hesitate, his exact words were "I can start whatever time you like" - from there I was sold, and didn't bother waiting for any other shortlisters, I shortlisted him straight away and removed the listing. It was a gamble, but it certainly paid off. Terry and his son have done my bedroom to a ridiculously high standard, very, very smooth walls, the corners where the brush strokes usually go you can barely see any brush strokes. They cleaned up after them, polished the skirting boards (more or less). Please don't hesistate to use them, Terry is proper old school and knows his stuff, especially how much water to plaster mix to use, because the room is almost fully dryed out already, and it's only been 48 hrs (if that). I won't use anyone else now. His quotes are spot on, he will never mislead you or overcharge - I had Distemper, which he told me about instantly, and remedied with overboard. Top, top guy.