Installation of additional radiator - Central Heating job in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

Job description

  • Radiator work needed

Customer description

A new additional radiator to be installed into a kitchen, a connection can be brought through the wall from the bedroom behind it.


Feedback for H.M plumbing and heating services

The finish left was not great, radiator installed ok but holes through the wall
and the pipe welding looked very messy, they refused to tidy it up.

H.M plumbing and heating services's reply:

The job was left of a good quality and a professional standard, it was mr cartlidge that posted the job. However when the job was finished we was told to deal with his wife. As we did not receive payment within the invoice conditions, we then contacted and spoke to Mrs cartlidge were by we got lots of abuse over the phone and demands that were not in the job description. We then advised the customer that we would not be carrying out any more work, now months later we get a phone call to ask if we would fit 2 sets of taps, so if our work was that bad why would she come back to us. We again said we are not going to any more work for you, and that’s when we was threatened with bad feed back. As we will not be held to ransom and black mailed. And sticking to our decision we will no longer be carrying out any more work for this customer.