Paint walls, fix skirting and paint doors around house - Painting & Decorating job in Walthamstow, East London

Job description

  • Interior decoration works
  • 11 - 20 walls and / or ceilings
  • Includes hallway, stairs and landing

Customer description

Rooms that require painting include:

Hallway & Living room/Diner: - Paint the walls - Paint the ceilings - Living room/ Diner approx 6.8m x 4.m - Paint Hallways both upstairs and downstairs - Fix and paint skirting boards

Doors & fixtures: - Pain the main door - Paint the bedroom doors - Paint kitchen door - Paint the radiators

Staircase: - Paint the staircase railings

Kitchen: - Paint part of the ceiling - Paint radiator - Fix and paint skirting boards

Upstairs Bedroom: - Paint ceiling

Attic Room - - Paint door - Paint the walls inside built-in wardrobe - Paint window crevice - Repaint part of the wall

Some of these rooms do require replastering, I have posted this as a separate job.



Alexei and Adrian were a dream to work with, they were able to deliver an outcome that far exceeded my expectations. They are diligent, friendly and considerate. They treat everyone they encounter with a great amount of respect.

Everyday before they would leave the house they would sweep up and mop to make sure it was tidy (this was especially great as we were living and working in the house during the works). As well as that, they are polite, and do not make any unnecessary noise (i.e. blasting music whilst working etc) they just get on with their work quietly. They respect your time and don’t take exceedingly long trips to the shops or lunch breaks.

For them they were always concerned with providing the best outcome, they took their time to complete all the work paying attention to every nook and cranny. They are dedicated to putting the client first and would continually check we were happy with the direction we were going. Their recommendations never came off like pressure, they will advise you and lay out several options for you to pick from because ultimately they want the best for you.

I am no easy critic, and I have to say these two are phenomenal builders and Alexei runs a tight ship. Overall, It was a pleasure having them around. I have already recommended them to several friends and family, as well as that I plan on using them for future projects.