Leaking bath (levenshulme) - Plumbing job in Stockport, Cheshire

Job description

  • Fixture repair
  • Leak
  • Source not identified

Customer description

I am experiencing leaking issues with my bath.

The bathroom is situated above the dining room. When I had a bath, the bath water began leaking through the dining room ceiling. A shower didn’t cause any leaks, just the bath.

A plumber came and tighter the leaking pipes a few weeks ago - but it’s happening again. I had a bath on Thursday and when I let out the water, it severely leaked through the dining room ceiling and created big damp patches.


Feedback for Mr24hourplumber

Scott was excellent - very quick, efficient and knowledgeable. He identified the issues which have been causing severe leaks in my house, and fixed them immediately. I'd definitely use again!