New dormer loft conversion in stretford - Loft Conversions job in Manchester, Lancashire

Job description

  • Loft conversion with structural changes
  • Detached house
  • Property owner
  • Plans drawn up already

Customer description

I have drawings made up for the loft conversion. A rear dormer with julliet balcony facing the same rear. Open plan floor with door access from stairs and also a 3 piece bathroom/wet room. Only roof to the rear needs to turn to a dormer and also skylight to the front. Material for the outside can be brick or slate to match the existing outdoor.


Feedback for Martin J Gaskell Joinery

Martin and Co started off the work enthusiastically, provided some good insight and suggestion. Towards the later part of the project, things started falling apart especially around work he agreed he will do which he was not willing to do any longer. He changed his mind about the original quote we agreed upon later slammed me a bill of 750 pounds for 4 extra spot lights and 3 sockets which on his quote we agreed 25pounds for extra spots and sockets, when asked how he arrived at the 750 pounds he turned to insults. Although he did a fairly decent job, 6weeks to the end of the project was rushed maybe because he had a new contract he was desperate to get to.
My suggestion to future hirer is to ensure you agree the detail of what he will do for you including cupboards, shelves (which was on the plan but never built), you need to understand what type of spotlight (he installed an unacceptable spotlight which its bulb can not be replaced except you change the entire unit. Overall the build and work quality is satisfactory, the only downside is his costing and communication with customer especially when asked to provide justification for charges not agreed, they become aggressive and unprofessional in response (raising voices and shouting at customer).