5 metre extension,moving front door and porch. - Extensions job in Newmarket, Suffolk

Job description

  • Customer owns property
  • Works required: electrics, windows & doors, plumbing and central heating

Customer description

Structural drawings all in for a 5 metre extension to a bungalow, making double garage a single and becoming part of the bungalow and moving the front door so it has a 3 metre high entrance hall. Plans all drawn up.

Looking for quotes at this stage and to discuss timescales.


Feedback for l j carpentry & construction

Super impressed with Lee. Had experience with other builders and where often a challenge to work with as anything extra or changes got them disgruntled. However Lee is super easy to work with - can discuss anything with him and he will either work out a way or tell you another way if its not possible! Super awesome can do attitude and gets stuff done. Always when you ring him he eithers msg's or calls back. And always upfront when asking him about extras and how much the cost would be. Also super good at working with the contractors I brought in - always happy to assist where he could and kept his side of the deal when promising what he would do before the contractors returned at a certain date etc.

Super impressed and if your looking for a builder that's easy to work with and gets stuff done for a good price - Lee is your man!