Heating system - Central Heating job in Dagenham, Essex

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Feedback for Zion Home solutions

The job was done very badly, plump1716 installed a Ariston boiler in end of September 08.

Plump1716 arranged a CORGI engineer to test the boiler on the second day and then he continued working on the boiler and the heating system . When I questioned him why he got the engineer to test the boiler before completion. He said. He normally does it this way.

He is a very rude mam, very impatient, he shouted for his money when I have not finished inspecting his work. I asked for my house key back, he refused to give me, instead he walked away with my house key and boiler handbook. I questioned him why he had to take away my boiler handbook. He said. He need to make photocopy just in case customer lost hie/her original copy.
Later I found out the hose that he connected from the boiler to under the kitchen was leaking. I asked him to come back to solve the leak. He still have not solve the leak after 3 attempts. On 24 October 08. we can smell in the house, when i contacted National Grid, the engineer discount the gas supply and warned me to get CORGI engineer to check the gas escape. I contacted plump1716 and his corgi engineer to come back to check the gas esscape. They ignored my phone calls and text messages.

I refuse to pay him till he put thing right. This was the reply I got from him.

""Using my money to trade will bring a curse into your life that connot be wiped out for your four generations: I DO NOT OWN MYSELF JEHOVAH OWNS ME AND YOU REPORTED HIM!""

Zion Home solutions's reply:

This woman,used me as a rag,owed me, never paid me a penny and promised me that she will destroy my record with My Buider,well,customers are always right, I was warned not to take her job.