Refurb to bathroom and kitchen in small flat - Restoration & Refurbishment job in St Albans, Hertfordshire

Job description

Job includes some Kitchen and bathroom fitting plus plumbing, tiling and limited electrical work)

Kitchen Refurb

Lay new flooring (approx area 1.5 sq/m)

Strip old tiling and retile (approx tile area 2 sq/m)

Install new work surfaces

Remove old sink and insatll and plumb new

Install new hob and integrated cooker hood

Install new extractor fan to replace old (same location)

Bathroom Refurb

Strip old tiling and retile

Install new units and vanity top(x3 - 1 unit to be cut to size round boxed downpipe in corner, likewise with vanity top)

Install new concealed cistern

Remove old bathroom fittings and plumb in new basin/toilet and shower tray and shower fittings and taps)- all new fitting going to existing plumbed locations.

Install shower door

Lay Heuga bathroom carpet tiles (approx area 2 sq/m)

Customer to supply new kit
(appliances/units/pottery/tiles/surfaces etc) but may need piping/fittings etc supplied (so correct!)- would appreciate advice to ensure correct kit provided for job.


Feedback for PL-Construction

Almost exactly the same story as the last poster.

In fact he started my job early because he was just finishing a job in Oxford (although it would seem that wasn't exactly true)

I was likewise left with an unfinished job

Bare walls and floors in the bathroom and kitchen

No cooking facilities

No working taps, showers, sinks or basins (I still only have a screwdriver operated compression valve on a pipe under the basin for running water over a month later)

Live electrics hanging out of holes in the kitchen walls.

No kitchen work surfaces.

A gaping hole in the soilstack leading down from the two flats above where the shower waste had been left snapped off.

Similarly I was suprised when he arrived alone or only with his seventeen year old son for help.

He arrived later and later, found reasons to leave early (car problems), spent quite a lot of time on the phone talking in Polish and then one day failed to arrive at all - after repeated attempts to contact him he sent a text a day or so later saying he had been ill.

When he resumed work he appeared more rushed and on closer inspection I was not happy with some of the work, the tiling was sloppy and he had lined the shower with plasterboard and then tiled straight over ther joins and screwheads without any taping, sealing or waterproofing.

I queried the work in the shower and although not happy he agreed to waterproof it first if I paid for the kit - he then stopped for lunch (I made him coffee) before driving to a local store for the equipment - and never came back....

Also having agreed that payment would be by cheque or transfer on completion, with 30% initial payment up front, he then raised an additional cash invoice with no advance agreement (to cover his car problems and so he could get to work).

Initially I thought he would be returning as his tools were still on site but I later discovered he had emptied out the one tool box still on site and left other odd items like an old mastik gun and cheap screwdriver.

Having made repeated attempts to contact him he finally reponded to a threat of legal action but now wanted paying cash only as he went.

By then I discovered the broken soil stack and seen the other post and was no longer happy to have him on site.

I would NOT recommend this tradesman and would suggest you avoid him at all costs regardless of how convincing his profile or manner seem...