Door repair and cat flap fit - Windows job in Tooting, South London

Job description

I have a set of double glazed doors with a wooden frame leading to the garden. Recently these have become jammed and I can't be opened, when they are unlocked. The door locks and unlocks normally with the key, but there is some obstruction that prevents opening. This appears to be around the handle area as the top and bottom of the door move a little.

In addition to fixing the door I would like to have a Sureflap cat flap installed.

As I understand it the double glazed window needs to be replaced with one that will has been pre-cut before the cat flap can be fitted. Will need a 210mm diameter hole cut to fit the catflap (See for further details). Note as the catflap detects the cats microchip metal should be avoided in the seal.

I'm happy to provide the catflap and the window mounting adapter and will order them shortly.

The measurements of the double glazed glass are: 1670mm x 560mm.

Please advise on:
- Total cost (labour & materials, inc VAT)
- How long the job will take (Measurement/Delivery/Fitting)
- FENSA certification

Many thanks,


Feedback for A & E Glazing

I would definitely recommend Tony. He did a first class job, was very professional and we hope to hire him for future glassier work.