Single story rear extension - Architecture job in Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire

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    Letchworth Garden City
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    1910 days ago by singh_18
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Job description

Need full planning and drawings for rear extension


Feedback for Bischell

I had initial consultation with Bischell and they were prompt and polite. i was very keen to get things moving but Bischell advised this could work out to be a false economy and it is best not to rush the build and start after the winter........AND THEY WERE CORRECT!!

When getting the quotes from builders, the specification was very strong and all quotes came in within £3k of each other. I was initially hesitant about paying for a specification as could not see any value, but i trusted the word and experience Bischell gave me and once again they were right.

There were so many instances like this where they really advised me well and at the end of the project i can see everything they advised me on was valid and important, even though at the time i may not have been fully convinced.

The plans went through and passed first time, which i was nervous about, but turned out to be no bother!

We paid a bit more than we would of liked to initially but looking back now, without Bischell i would have ended up paying a lot more through mistakes and my own naivety.

My advice to anyone who is undertaking major building works.........Leave it to the experts and heed their advise!! Make sure you fully trust who you are working with as honesty and people who stand by their word are hard to find from my experience!!

Overall very impressed!

I have recommended Bischell to my neighbor and i now thing he is in talks with them.