Garden slabbing and plastic grid with gravel laying - Landscaping job in Rugby, Warwickshire

Job description

We have a total area of approx. 100sqm to be landscaped. It divides into two areas:

Area One: This is approx. 30sqm - its slightly an irregular shape. Currently mostly laid to grass and a few old slabs which needs to be: Slabs lifted and whole area cleared and levelled Then completely slabbed with a mixture of old and new council type paving slabs Then a step built from it up into the garden, approx. 1m wide and 60cm tall – probably brick/brick & slab.

Area Two: (adjoining) This is approx. a 70sqm area (which is mostly a large rectangular with a 6m x 1.2m path area leading off) all of which has been covered in weed suppressant for the last five years which then needs: An old slab path lifting (approx. 15 slabs) and some other stacked slabs moving for reuse in area one. A missing man hole cover lid replacing The old weed suppressant fabric lifting The ground levelling (it is fairly level already and mostly weed free). Then recovered with a heavy duty weed suppressant Then laid with 50 x 50 x 4cm recycled plastic grids Then filled with gravel (approx. 5 tonnes is needed).

I can source and provide all the materials as required so need quotes for the labour. I can provide photographs and drawings if required but suggest a site visit.


Feedback for CFW Groundwork Ltd

Charlie and his team undertook a large 100sqm landscaping job part gravel grids and part paving. They used over 25 tonne of material so a big job. They worked hard and quickly with Charlie being a deft hand on the six tonne digger. The job was finished in good time to a good standard and they have left everywhere tidy and cleaned up.
We are very happy with the work and hope to use him again.