Fit bathroom suite - Bathroom Fitting job in Oldbury, West Midlands

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Feedback for andy king

The toilet is leeking between the pan and cistern when you flush. The pipe to the sink cold tap is leeking, The pipe work by the way is like spaghetti, (plastic piping and copper piping have been mixed which my new plumber told me you shouldnt do), a pipe under the bath is leeking, The bath and sink were fixed to the wall with no nails (please note were), neither were screwed into the brick or the floor. When i telephoned Andy King to put his work right he said he would come over to sort it out and i have never seen him since (as he was already paid). I have tried to contact him on numerous occasions and have no reply after leaving him voice mail (maybe he is dead or maybe we will see him on builders from Hell). This is not just negative, it is the worst case of bad plumbing I have ever come across. The whole job has to be redone and repaid for. I am requesting my money back for this job and will put a claim in at the Small Claims Court. DO NOT HIRE THIS MAN. HE GOT HIS PLUMBING QUALIFICATIONS IN A CRACKER. (have to laugh or I would cry (his work is beyond a joke) PS. 9am on his watch is 10.30 on my clock. He turns up late, i should have known then that Andy King was a lazy ass looser. I wish i could upload photos onto this. BE WARNED.