Fitting of two security lights in back garden - Electrical job in Gravesend, Kent

Job description

I have 2, 150watt security lights that have motion sensors to turn them on. I would like them both to be fit in my back garden.

One needs to be on an external wall of my house(outside toilet), facing down the garden and the other I would like to be at the bottom of the garden on the garage wall, facing up the garden.

I have no wiring with them and so you need to supply this. For the light that will be fitted to the external wall you will need approx 3metres of wire. For the light that will be at the end of the garden, you will need approx 22metres of wire.

I would ideally like to have a plug wired on to the end of each light, so I can pick and choose when to have them switched on and off, as well as having the motion sensor in use.

Therefore I will need a small hole drilled through an external wall, (which is actually an outdoor toilet that now has my washing machine plumbed in there and plug sockets available for the lights) so that the lights wiring can go through.

I will also need the wiring for the light at the end of the garden to be securely fixed to the fence all the way down the garden, so as toddler cannot grab at it, and preferably hidden as much as possible.

  • The following information was added Saturday, 23rd August, 2008 : Forgot to mention that I would ideally like this done before end of August, as I go away on 3 September for 2weeks and would like them up and running before I go.