Felt roof repair and lead barge cover repair - Roofing (Pitched) job in Bridgwater, Somerset

Job description

  • Repair roof: felt pitched roof

Customer description

This is a small job. The tacks on the seams of a felted pitched cabin roof have come out and need to be replaced and the seams sealed. A piece of lead flashing covering barge boards has also dropped from the main roof on to the garage roof below and needs replacing.


Feedback for JB Homecare

They turned up on time and seemed to do a good job, they charged 50% more than the quote. The final bill was £3000 for 3 men for 6 hrs for cementing in 3 valleys and a few other jobs. Not sure if this was ok or not

JB Homecare's reply:

Yes this quote was correct for all three valleys was removed re-felted re-bedded on which you did have three large valleys
Ridges was re-bedded back on tiles which was broken was replaced
Shed was re-felted
Eve protect the trays was installed
New wooden fascia board was installed
New lead flashing was installed
And as the job was commencing there was before and after photos taken
3 days work ?????