Bath install/repair - stop it wobbling. - Plumbing job in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

Job description

  • Repair one item

Customer description

I have a new wickes bath installed and plumbed to the hot and cold water feeds. The drain pipe is plumbed without any leaks. With that said, the drain pipe is at an angle causing the bath to sit off the wall, and ultimately (and the primary reason) isn't very stable. The bath wobbles and lifts up. Therefore, I'm looking for someone to possibly replumb the drainage from the bath, and make the whole bath stable. Wickes baths have four bolts for feet, which themselves aren't stable. The bath would sit against the back wall (length) and against the end (width). The other end of the bath doesn't meet the wall. I imagine therefore, plumbing and wood work might be required. Other points that might be helpful knowing. Running the length of the front of the bath are two copper pipe, and running the length on the other side is a plastic overflow pipe from the combi boiler.

Ideally looking for a quick turn around, so happy to consider a higher hourly rate.



Feedback for H.M plumbing and heating services

H.M plumbing and heating services fixed the bath, insomuch that it stopped wobbling, so we're very grateful for this.  A few days later we noticed that the drain-pipe was leaking, however, they popped over and fixed (charged for part, but not time) - so pretty much fab.  In terms of the job commissioned, they did great, however.... whilst visiting we asked them whether a guttering issue was something they could address. Following a quick quote which we were happy with, they did the job.  Sadly the work wasn't all that great, as following the first bout of rain (more than a week later) it leaked.  Sent a number of messages on MyBuilder and SMS messages to no avail!  No answer, no acknowledgement.  Waited a good while before posting this message in case they were in isolation etc.Sadly, nothing, so I'm left with a bit of a bodge job that I'll need to pay somebody else to repair.  Ultimately, that just leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.  They only needed to reply and I think I'd have been 100% positive behind their work.

Ultimately, not sure I'd use these guys again, which is a shame, as I like to support local traders and they appeared like decent guys.