Find and repair leak, maybe in waste pipe from toilet - Plumbing job in Sheffield, South Yorkshire

Job description

The waste pipe (I think it's a single stack) from our toilet (upstairs) runs through a boxed off area in the corner of the kitchen (downstairs).

When I'm in the kitchen and the toilet is flushed upstairs, I can hear water hitting the floor inside the boxed off part, and if I push a paper towel into it, it comes back wet - so it seems like there must be water on the floor.

I'm looking for someone to find and fix the leak (which will presumably involve removing the panel on the side of the boxed off part to get access to the waste pipe).

I'm the owner and live in the house.


Feedback for Glenndale Plumbing Services

I hired Glenn to take a look at a leaking pipe that was behind the wall and not easy to get at. He arrived when he said he would, was very helpful and polite, and was careful to agree with me the least disruptive way of accessing the leak to repair it. He had the problem fixed very quickly, and the price was very reasonable. I'd definitely use Glenndale again!