Part demolition and erection of a detached 3 bedroom - New Builds job in Woking, Surrey

Job description

  • Doesn't own the land
  • Planning permission has been granted
  • Budget £200k - £500k

Customer description

Subdivision of plot following part demolition of existing dwelling with the erection of a single-storey rear extension, front entrance porch, loft conversion with front and rear dormer windows to existing dwelling to form a 3 bedroom dwelling and the erection of a detached 3 bedroom chalet style dwelling. Westfield Avenue Westfield Woking Surrey GU22

Existing Modified Dwelling 139 sqm New Dwelling 132 sqm Total 271 sqm

Building Works; Demolitions & Alterations Removal of Existing House Stripping out internally of remaining part of building

Substructures; Trench Foundations; including excavation, disposal, concrete, mesh etc. Connection to existing Lintels for services and drainage openings Reduced Level Excavation; disposal off-site Cavity Wall; inc concrete cavity fill and dpc Blinding sand; 50 thick Hardcore; 150 thick Insulation; 150 mm thick Celotex Perimeter insulation; 25 thick and sealant Concrete Slab; 150 thick Screed; 75 thick Damp proof membrane Gas membrane

Frame and Upper Floors; Timber Upper Floor Structure; joists and plywood/chipboard etc.

Roof; Roof Structure Roof coverings Flat Roofing to dormers and extensions; including covering and structure Rooflights Rainwater goods Eaves Verges Leadwork

Stairs & Lifts; Timber Staircase; including balustrades Carpet; risers Carpet; treads

External Walls; Rendered block cavity wall; including masonry paint Brick/block cavity walls Render to existing walls Vertical Tiling Walls Closing cavities; supalux board Render to reveals; including masonry paint

Windows and External Doors; uPVC Windows & Doors Steel Lintels Sills DPC's Trickle vents Thresholds Plaster to reveals and soffit of openings; including galvanised bead

Internal Walls & Partitions; Timber Stud Partitions 100 thick blockwork

Internal Doors; Internal Door; single; 30 min fire rated; including softwood frames, architraves, smoke seals, ironmongery etc Internal Door; double; 30 min fire rated; including softwood frames, architraves, smoke seals, ironmongery etc Internal Door; single; non fire rated; including softwood frames, architraves, smoke seals, ironmongery etc Precast lintels Painting doors, frames and architraves

Wall Finishes; 1 layer 12.5 thick plasterboard on dot and dabs; skimmed Plaster beads and accessories Tiling; including adhesives and grout Painting walls; base coat, 2 coats Vinyl Matt Emulsion

Floor Finishes; Carpet; including adhesives and underlay Tiling; including grout and adhesive Timber Skirtings; including decoration

Ceiling Finishes; Plasterboard, 12.5 thick; bonded and skimmed Painting ceilings; base coat, 3 coats Vinyl Matt Emulsion

Fittings & Fixtures; Kitchens WC Bathrooms Ensuites

Builders Work in Connection with Services; General builders work in conjunction with services including cutting / forming holes, chases, recesses, grounds, backing boards, casings etc.; making good

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