Enlarge hob cut-out in granite kitchen surface - Stonemasonry job in Stockwell, South London

Job description

I have a granite work surface in the kitchen with a cut-out for a hob. I want to enlarge the cut out slightly.

The cut-out for the hob is currently 85cm wide x 49cm deep. I want to enlarge the width of the cut-out either side by 1.5 cm approx. to extend the total width to 88cm; i.e so the final cut-out size would be 88cm x49cm.

My assumption is that this would need to be done in-situ so would need to keep the dust down as much as possible.


Feedback for Marble & Porcelain Design

Andi turned up on time, was professional and courteous. He enlarged the cut-out in the granite surface to the agreed size, the resulting cut being neat and well executed. I was expecting some dust from the cut - in fact Andi managed to keep the dust down to virtually zero!
All in all a nice bloke, who knows what he is doing who gets the job done!