Replacement water pressure valve and counter - Plumbing job in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

Job description

  • Repair

Customer description

I need the pressure regulator value (showing some corrosion) and counter/meter replacing on the inflow to my apartment’s water supply (It’s making a vibrating type sound when the weather is hot and there is a high draw (e.g. toilet flush) the current counter/meter is connected by a single wire to a digital unit owned by Thamesweyfor billing) so this needs to remain in place. please can you assist? Thank you


Feedback for Picot’s Plumbing

I’ve not needed a plumber for a long time so I had no idea where to start. Louis responded extremely quickly to my job posting here and took the time clarify my exact needs, before we arranged a time for the following day.

Louis arrived when we’d agreed and was incredibly professional and friendly, taking the time to explain the work he would be doing and the reasons for it. I have no hesitation in recommending Louis, or asking him back if I need future plumbing works.