Full plans for multiple flats building and extensions - CAD/Drawings job in Hounslow, Middlesex

Job description

  • Extension: Basic outline plans (for quotes and planning application)

Customer description

We need an outline plans with advise for a flat extension on 1st and 2nd floors above the commercial shop for the following extension/conversion of an existing 3 large beds (between 10sq ft to 12 sq ft), 1 small bedroom (approx. 8x10sq ft) flat. Building works to be done primarily on 1st and 2nd floor: 1. Create a Studio/1-2 bed flat with it's own door on 1st floor-(by extending/using one of the existing large bedrooms up to the back of the flat), Note-main entrance to 1st floor for both/all flats will remain the same. 2. A side extension to create another large bedroom & storage room, extend kitchen, bathroom and create and outside decking/seating area. 3. An elevator installation from ground floor with access to 1st floor and possibly to 2nd as well (subject to planning permission). 4. Another floor/or Loft conversion into flat/s.

At present, main door entry/exit point will remain the same for the building. There won't be any changes to front, unless a building expert advises re permitted planning options to maximise space with increasing day light for family as separate units/potentially usable for business-adaptable based on changing family circumstances.

An onsite visit in person will be required to view internal space, understand the project, and solve the space maximisation issues. Please do not contact if initial consultation is only online by builders/architects/planners/designers services. We believe in meeting people face to face (with social distancing in place) who will be trusted to help us resolve these problems on site for an end to end project management, rather than only in virtual presence. Thank you.


Feedback for Interiorsplus ltd

Professional, Knowledgeable, Collaborative.
Thank you MyBuilder.com for introducing Mujch Masilmani (Raja).

Raja is Professional, Knowledgeable and really Perfect for our family's Building Extension projects for space optimisation & easy mobility provisions by creating a multi generational, mixed use dwellings, separate flat/s, lofts conversion within the complexity of restrictions related to partial areas being leased to third party.

Raja did site inspections (multiple) in person including taking full interior building measurements with his associates, unlike most of the other architects preferring a meeting using online digital maps, which do not provide a realistic internal view, potential or scope of space.

Raja is very professional, has an excellent knowledge E2E project cycle-from designing to council permissions, financing, procurement, construction stages, building controls sign off, future maintenance/updates/health/safety and other controls including costs.

Raja has been collaborative & empathetic as the project had to be adapted to suit our family's fast changing dynamics &other external factors due to current pandemic.

Raja will lead on this Build project & Future ones at this site between 2020 - 2032, as well as other projects for our family, friends and business associates not just in UK but abroad as well, since he has a great knowledge of combining Eastern architectural designs aesthetic influences to suit British homes & businesses.