Repair leak damage to roof - Roofing (Pitched) job in Bridgwater, Somerset

Job description

  • Repair pitched roof
  • Leak investigation

Customer description

It appears the roof of the main house is dripping water onto the roof of the extension, and that water is in turn coming through the ceiling and filling buckets when the rain is bad. I really need someone to come and check it out, stop the water dripping from the top (guttering issue?) and then patch up the extension-roof where it's been damaged.


Feedback for JB Homecare

I had to do a lot of chasing up. Once the quote had been made, there was no drive on his side to do the work. I had a leak in the roof, and a tenant in there, so it was rather urgent and I didn't appreciate that I had to constantly text and phone to try to get him to arrange a time with the tenant.
In the end I went with another company because he pulled a ligament - not his fault, however I only found out about this because I was yet again chasing up.

JB Homecare's reply:

Hi Heather
it was a bit awkward as you do not live in the UK your tenant was working shiftwork the day we wanted to go there
The days the tenant wasn’t working I had other jobs booked in so it was awkward to give you a starting date with this problem
But I am very glad you have sorted it out now many thanks Jason The keep safe