Replace old ch boiler - Plumbing job in Guildford, Surrey

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Feedback for T.M.S.Gas and Heating Services

The quote was reasonable (similar to others) and the timing right. But he estimated that the job would take 2 to 3 days. In fact it was not finished for 5 weeks (and it is still not perfect). I felt sorry for him, because the rate per hour he had agreed to, in effect, was probably less than the minimum wage! The length of time was not due to any major unforeseen problem; I assume he was just inexperienced in estimating. However, there was one unexpected issue: his boiler supplier had provided a boiler configured for LPG while we have natural gas. To change from one configuration to another is not difficult, but it does need a gas analyser, an expensive piece of kit that he did not possess. So he had to buy one specially for this job, which must have reduced any profit to a large negative figure. It also took a couple of weeks for the analyser to come.

In addition, he was not very careful about making dust and dirt; he did not come with dust sheets and did not ask for any, with the result that our kitchen was covered in brick dust when he removed bricks for the vent. And the eventual making good was not skilful.

All in all, while he was very anxious to please and was pleasant, I would not employ him again.