Roof repair - Roofing job in Didcot, Oxfordshire

Job description

I have a small leak from the roof of my bungalow, appearing as a drip from the front door lintel. The roof is L-shaped at this point, with a channel running down from the apex to a small (1m x 1m) triangular porch covered in felt.

The porch felt was renewed about 18 months ago, but there are cracks in the mortar on the cut edges of the tiles where the channel runs. As a diagnostic measure, I applied bitumen sealer to the channel, the edge of the tiles and the felt - but the leak is still there. The strange thing is that it only leaks when there's very fine rain with little wind! So it doesn't leak every time it rains, but it has been leaking intermittently for the last three or four years, and I'm keen to get to the bottom of it.

The roof is 50 years old, but the bungalow had a loft extension about 10 years ago, and all the roofing felt appears to have been replaced with modern plastic material at that time. The main rafter running down under the roof channel is dry. I'm guessing that despite my application of bitumen, rain is getting through the tiles somewhere along the channel and running down the top of the plastic felt to the lowest point - which is the lintel over the front door.

The work required is therefore to lift the tiles to find the source of the leak, repair the leak, and to re-point the tiles down the edge of the channel.


Feedback for Paul Maze - Roof Tiler

Highly recommended. Prompt replies to calls/emails, and arrived on time for the viewing and for the work itself. A neat, professional job, and cleaned up well on completion. And all at a very competitive price. Great service and workmanship. Thanks Paul - and thanks also to this website for making things so much easier!